XCare® Managed Services

Our Trademark Suite of Services - Built on a refined technology framework. - Strategically applied to the unique character of your business.

lXCare Managed Services

The XCare® Approach to Managed Services

You do not need an IT firm to fix and install hardware. Rather, you need a strategic, integrated approach to the people and technology in your business.
We recognize this and have developed XCare and the XCare Framework to meet this need.


You and your business have a strategy. We begin our relationship by understanding this strategy.

Now, we can develop a strategic IT plan for your business and your people.

Let’s take the strategy we have developed together and apply it to your technology needs.

This allows us to recommend and implement a just right infrastructure that will meet your business processes, people, and budgets.



Let’s take the strategy — again — and operate your IT on a flat-fee basis.

We will handle all the mundane things needed to keep your IT and your people productive and protected every day.

Let’s be smart. Let’s be proactive. Let’s be responsive. And above all, let’s provide high levels of service.