Who We Help

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Business We Help

We serve a variety of business types, but they all have a few things in common:

Your Business Deserves

You know it is not too much to ask that your IT works the way it should for you, your staff, and your clients.

You Value IT as a Strategic Advantage

You recognize that IT is a strategic advantage. You know that proper investment in IT improves employee productivity and moral.

You Outsource Your IT to Experts

You know how to focus on your business. You appreciate that we know how to focus on your business technology.

Your Business and Xirtix are Right-Sized for Each Other

We target companies with < 100 users who have purposely decided to to have little or no IT staff. You know that the more you turn over to us, the better we do.

Business Roles We Help

Each role in your business sees IT differently. We understand this and can help.

CEO/Owner Wants:

  • IT to fit business goals
  • IT to be strategic
  • IT to just work

Executives Want:

  • Improved team productivity
  • Stable IT budgeting and planning
  • Efficient solutions to business problems

Office Managers/Controllers Want:

  • OUT of the "IT Roles and Tasks"
  • Reliable IT support for their staff
  • Fast resolutions to everyday issues

Everyone Wants:

  • IT to quickly respond
  • IT to communicate
  • IT to be stable
  • IT to work the same every day