XCare® Managed Services

Our Trademark Suite of Services - Built on a refined technology framework. - Strategically applied to the unique character of your business.


Your IT is more than a jumble of wires and hardware, and Xirtix is more than just an IT services provider

Maintaining efficient, secure, and optimized IT is a critical yet resource-draining task for SMBs, but XCare Managed Services from Xirtix makes achieving this goal simple and hassle-free. Instead of wasting time wrangling your technology or throwing money at every IT problem, you can get a full suite of technology services delivered by experienced professionals for a flat, SMB-friendly fee.

XCare Managed Services provide a team of experts to manage your business IT, maintain its peak performance, and align it with your short- and long-term goals. For less than the cost of hiring one new IT employee, you can enjoy effective, reliable IT as well as the freedom to focus on growth and revenue.