XCare Managed Services

XCare - Your IT.Managed.Period.


You could spend time and money hiring and managing in-house resources on IT systems. Or, use our entire team’s breadth and depth of expertise across specialty disciplines, at a predictable monthly cost that’s often less than an in house employee would cost. Together, we translate your company’s needs into technology implementations—strategically, efficiently and cost-effectively.

With XCare Managed Services from Xirtix you can expect us to:

  • Thoroughly Understand Your Business
  • Strategically Plan Your IT based on our mutual understanding
  • Provide Proactive Support and Management That Prevents Issues
  • React Quickly and Effectively When Issues Do Arise
  • Delivering 100% satisfaction-guaranteed results or keep working until we get it right

Read More About How We Meet This Expectation Below:

  • Service, Service, Service

    It is so important, we said it first AND said it three times. We provide the very best levels of service to you, the very best clients in the city. We know you are busy and need us to quickly address your concerns so that you can be back to your business. Technologies may change but the need for Service never does.

  • Strategic Planning

    Your strategy is our strategy. You see, you can’t really apply technology to your business until you understand your business. We spend time to learn what your goals and strategies are that actually makes your cash register ring. We work with your strategy to apply technology to your business. Just imagine, fixed fee services, capital planning and capital budgets all part of Your IT.Managed.Period.

  • Centralized Services

    These centralized services provide proactive monitoring, and maintenance of your entire IT environment. Remote management and alerting allows us to keep your business humming along. In fact, we hope we are so transparent on your organization that you forget that we are even there.

  • Technology Standards and Practices.

    We know technology. We know what works for your business and how to keep away from the bleeding edge. We train our staff how to use it and develop repeatable practices to be successful. This helps us help you by making us super fast, , super smart, and super efficient.

  • Help Desk and Support

    Rubber, Meet Road. This is the real deal. As good as we are on all the above, you still may have something you need help with. This is where Service, Service, Service is proved up. Our team is standing by to assist your team with any technology issues they might have. We train our team to define them, drill down on them and fix it quickly so your team can get back to what you do best.

  • Complete Vendor Management

    This is the last time that you are on hold with the Internet guy or wondering who to call for the next best technology widget that your company needs. We know these guys and will help you work with the ones that are best for your business. If something is not working like it should, we will make that call. Go back to work, Do what you do. Rest assured, we got this.

  • Stuff with Plugs

    It goes without saying. If it has a plug on it, IT seems to be responsible for it. Happy to help…but remember the water cooler is NOT on the network!