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Use the Web-Easy;Create the Web-Not So Much

Websites are important for your business, but creating and managing a great one takes a lot time and effort that you might not have. Xirtix Consulting has been involved in many traditional website projects. Most of them are based on scope of work pricing. And quite often, we end up starting over with a new scope of work, re-negotiating for a reasonable price and repeating the whole process when we want some changes. This type of cyclical project is really designed for the web developer’s business process, and puts less focus on consideration of the client’s expenditures.

Pronto Marketing, who has built our website and who we partner with, has a bit of a different approach. A low monthly fee allows you to continuously work on your website. Maintaining the website after it is handed over by Pronto Marketing requires no technical skills. You can assign it to any staff member in your company. You have the freedom to leave it as designed by Pronto or make revisions as you see fit. It is a great business model and works really well as long as you understand their process, which the Pronto staff will be most happy to assist you with.

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Working with Pronto Marketing gives you the following benefits:

  • Pay one flat monthly fee for service.
  • Unlimited programming and edits.
  • The process is virtual, handled primarily through email and internet tools.

As a client, all you need to do is to understand and accept that:

  • You have a significant responsibility to provide rough copy and graphics ideas.
  • The process moves quickly, but only as quickly that you are able to keep up with it.
  • If you work on it everyday, they will provide turnaround on a daily basis as well (sometimes in a matter of hours).
  • You can schedule a call at any time.

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