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Loving Xirtix! 🙂 Thank you for all of your hard work getting us transitioned.

Expedient and very helpful and thorough!

Mr. Joseph assistant me in a very professional manner. I appreciate his assistance on yesterday and he immediately reached out to me this morning to follow up. Thank you very much. DJ

I'm pleased with the prompt response from your team to help resolve our issues, thanks again for you support.

Thank you Joseph for your professionalism and courtesy and for a job well done.

Fred was very helpful and followed up.

You guys always take such good care of me!

always prompt and helpful. 🙂

Love you guys and appreciate your hard work. You all always get things done in a timely manner

Surprised it was such a quick fix!

Fred, has been great.. tell good jokes... Fred, send me more tickets so we can hit the customer satisfaction goal.

You are most helpful, and I appreciate all of you.

I only gave this job a "very good" because the problem went away and came back, so it had to be addressed a couple more times. Your guys are great Nick and always very polite and helpful. You really know how to pick them.

Davy was extremely attentive and helped every step of the way.

Great work

I am very satisfied with the service rendered. Great Job

Thanks Joseph for reaching out to me, to ensure every thing was working properly. I appreciate the entire Tech team. DJ

Fred worked hard on my issue and did not give up; Excellent Job.

Joseph was very friendly and super helpful answering all my questions. He had to add two more support tickets to get items looked at after completing this. I feel very well taken care of and know the other issues will get handled as well. thank you 🙂

I really appreciate the level of customer support from everyone in this company, at every level. Each person we've dealt with has presented a clear willingness to help us in real-time, which is not something we've experienced before.

I appreciate the knowledge, experience & help received and ...Read More

Excellent work ethic

Thanks Joseph for your excellent and professional work.

As always, your guys are great!

I'm of the generation not native to technology. Joseph was thorough, expert, and supportive. I could not be happier with the service received!!

Excellent Service

Easy peasy...

As the office construction has left us without an analog phone line, Joseph kindly sent my fax from his office. Much appreciated!

fast response!!!

The Xirtix team is always very helpful 🙂

Good Serivce

I love Xirtix.

They rock!

Everything is working great!

You had a representative assigned to the problem quickly. Fortunately we were able to resolve before Xirtix had to spend the resources to address/ resolve. The Xirtix staff has always been very helpful and punctual in addressing out office needs.

I'll work on ensuring she is totally shut down before closing the lid...will keep you posted if this pops up again.

Thank you Joseph for trying!

No complaints or suggestions whatsoever but want to thanks for your always promptness.

Joseph is always very helpful and patient. He takes the time to demonstrate via remote the actions that I can take myself to avoid similar problems in the future. Thanks Joseph!

Bill Bland
Visual Comfort & Co

Seems to be working perfectly. Great job.

Joseph is amazing, always able to fix problem at hand!

joseph was amazing as always 🙂

Joseph was vey polite, and most helpful. He not only researched and made sure faxes were being received in the MAINFAX, but helped and fixed another problem I had.

Good job. Quick, efficient. Overall very satisfied.

Very helpful, nice, and quick

Joseph is AWESOME!

Thanks for always being on top of things. You all always take care of our issues quickly and swiftly. Appreciate all your hard work

Joseph is Awesome!! Thank you for your service!

Thank you Joseph!

great service!

Fred was fast to identify the issue and make the system changes. The issue was solved after the changes were made.

Davy goes above, and beyond to be helpful. All of you are very patient with this non techno person, and for that I am very grateful - thank you.

Fred is awesome.

great service and response time.

Fred worked with Glasgow and Gothenburg to get me set up to use It took a little longer than I expected, but that was all on Glasgow and Gothenburg. As always, Xirtix delivered.

Seems to working now - thanks Fred!


Over the top response!

Your service is great. I make a call and my issues are immediately fixed. Thanks.

Great job. Very quick to respond. Thanks!

Great job Joseph! I can always count on you.

A big thank you to Jose for always going above and beyond to keep things running smoothly here at ProCenture !

One call - one fix - Great!