Why should IT be a part of your strategic plan?

Why should IT be a part of your strategic plan?

It’s safe to say that a large majority of all businesses today have a digital component to their operations, from marketing and promotions (social media) to supply chain management and logistics (enterprise resource planning or ERP software) to communications (VoIP) to accounting (local and/or cloud-based accounting software). The good news is that the technologies associated with these IT tools are constantly being developed.

However the case, IT is still an often-underestimated component of modern businesses, as many managers and executives still fail to realize their true value. A well-executed IT strategy offers numerous benefits to a business, including improving its bottom line. Sadly, the main problem is that it is often unclear to managers how IT can be maximized.

Of course, not all businesses can readily afford to pay for the tools and human resources of an in-house IT department. A great option is to employ a managed IT services provider (MSP). Managed IT provides the same scope and coverage a full-sized IT department does for a fraction of the cost.

Here are some ways an MSP can improve your business outlook:

IT helps manage risk, especially in an online business landscape

Having an online presence automatically means being exposed to the threats of the online world — viruses, malware, hackers, adware, you name it. MSPs are themselves a layer of protection because it is their responsibility to always be abreast or ahead of all developments in cybersecurity.

IT can help streamline processes and costs

More and more businesses nowadays need an IT provider that can do more than just set up computer workstations at the office. In fact, a growing number of businesses are relying on their IT presence for information and data management on top of computer hardware logistics and cybersecurity implementation.

Your business can maximize your IT provider’s value by integrating all its capabilities into the business. Xirtix Consulting’s XCare Managed Services even takes IT services up a notch by making sure the services we provide are tailored to fit the needs and wants of your business strategy. Less disruptions = less waste.

IT can help provide business visibility

Business visibility is tantamount to business control. Remember, you can’t control what you can’t see. Business visibility means being able to fully control your operations, with fewer-to-no surprises that result in disruptions. For instance, an optimized ERP system can give you cover-to-cover oversight of all your business components, so that you know what happens in the supply chain.

Xirtix’s XCare solution also provides complete vendor management, a feature not available from many other MSPs, which helps you manage vendor relationships, properly categorize them, and much more, aimed at ensuring you keep only vendors and third parties that fit your organization's need. With a service framework as robust as this, all you need to do is focus on what your business does. Xirtix takes care of the rest.

Still unsure about managed IT services? Here’s a FREE eBOOK that discusses even more ways how Xirtix can make business easier for you.

It is Xirtix Consulting LLC CEO Nick Dragna’s aim to reduce all technology challenges to two items: Strategy and Process. Wrap our Trademark XCare Managed Services around your IT solutions to simplify your technology challenges. Get in touch with us today and have Your IT. Managed. Period.