Reasons you should consider SaaS for your business

Reasons you should consider SaaS for your business

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model is quickly gaining ubiquity in the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) sector today, as it offers immediate efficiency with long-term savings. SaaSs are more intelligent and intuitive than ever, and they are designed to integrate several processes into one suite to maximize efficiency and improve the user experience.

The vast horizon for SaaS shows that it is not simply a tech trend, and many experts foresee that nearly 75% of all organizations will have SaaS across 80% of all their processes by 2020, a sign that SaaS are here to stay. The trend has even brought about a new type of workplace called SaaS-powered workplaces. Reports indicate that 38% of all companies are already running almost entirely on SaaS, making them the first of a new breed of workplaces that are geared to run with as much automation as possible.

Here are three more reasons why you should consider adopting the SaaS model for your own business:


Dynamic business environments demand flexibility and scalability, especially considering that SMBs nowadays are no longer constrained by geography. SaaS applications allow users to choose the delivery model and easily adjust it as your business needs dictate. This eliminates the need to integrate other systems and to acquire new hardware just to accommodate a different client need.

SaaS systems also typically offer subscription-based licensing, meaning they can easily scale up or down with your business. This also lets you manage your expenditure in an efficient manner, as pricing will stay consistent whether your business is going through a lean period or otherwise.


The unique benefit of a cloud-based solution such as SaaS is that it makes selection and deployment of business applications a far easier task than the traditional process. This reduces the need for administrative and technical services, and it also ensures that initialization and installation do not take up too much energy resources.

Speed is a competitive advantage in this increasingly digital world. Having the ability to develop and deploy quickly attracts customers on its own.


SaaS systems tend to be a less expensive option in the long run because they absorb so many business processes. This is a feature that third-party service providers excel at because the entirety of their operations is a single component of your business’s operations, which in this case is IT. IT providers are able to do this thanks to economies of scale: for an SMB, the cost of running a full-sized IT department may amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, even if their specific IT needs are just a fraction of the department’s capability. The problem is, the next level down in terms of IT department size is often too steep and would not be able to accommodate the business’s needs anymore.

Having a third-party partner or a software solution helps companies ensure that their IT resources are adequate for their current state plus growth, while also ensuring that they won’t have to spend for the full suite unless it is necessary.

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