Office 365 tools that improve work efficiency

Office 365 tools that improve work efficiency

Microsoft Office 365 for Business is an integrated system of apps and services designed to assist in pursuing your goals and growing your business. This cloud-powered application suite contains Microsoft Office basics such as Word and Excel, a cloud-powered email service (Outlook), Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and several other tools to help you manage data, customer scheduling, invoicing, marketing movements, and more, all from a single location.

The suite is already populated with the most reputable processing and business-related applications, but you should also know about the tools within the apps and within the service that can bump your business efficiency and productivity up to the next level.

Here are eight useful tools you should know about:

  1. Clutter
  2. The Clutter feature is an email sorting tool that allows Office 365 users to move low-priority messages out of the inbox so that only the important ones are left behind. Clutter also takes note of your email habits and identifies which emails you are likely to ignore.

  3. Groups
  4. Groups is a resource-sharing tool that allows Office 365 users to collaborate with teammates when writing documents, creating spreadsheets, working on project plans, scheduling meetings, and sending emails. Users with permissions can access a shared Outlook inbox, shared calendars, and document libraries.

  5. SharePoint Online
  6. SharePoint Online gives Office 365 users at least 1TB of personal cloud storage, allows for secure file sharing with other users, lets you organize and manage content in libraries and lists using metadata and retention policies, provides an area for collaborative work, informs your organization with intranets and sites to spread your word and announce your news, automates business processes with workflows, and provides access via Android, iOS, and Windows and OneDrive mobile apps.

  7. Skype for Business
  8. Skype for Business (SfB) is an instant messaging tool that allows users to connect efficiently with one another in real time and at a moment’s notice. It features an unlimited number of meetings, invites through personalized URLs, and other cross-platform capabilities. Users are can also do screen sharing, and enjoy built-in instant messaging, an interactive PowerPoint facility, a virtual Whiteboard, and the capabilities for customized and Skype-certified accessories such as USB speakerphones, HD cameras, and headsets.

    SfB also permits users to organize their contacts for ease of use. They can even assign membership and other special permissions to contacts within contact groups.

  9. Outlook Task Lists
  10. Task lists are useful productivity tools that can be found within Outlook. They allow users to clearly define tasks, sort them by subject, set start and due dates, rank priority, and turn on push reminders. All of these features are geared towards bringing tasks to the user in a timely and organized manner.

  11. Yammer
  12. The Yammer Enterprise Social Network (Yammer) is a social communication and collaboration tool for teams to virtually converge and share knowledge, information, content, and conversations. Yammer has a built-in resource center and help desk, admin access, and content-from-adoption specialists to help make the user experience a seamless and convenient one. It also has the Yammer Community, which is home to discussions about industry best practices, and the Developer feature, which allows users to build code on the Yammer platform with the app’s set of open APIs and tools.

  13. Delve
  14. Part of the Office 365 First Release program, Delve is a tool for users to manage their Office 365 profile to assist in their discovery and organization of information they most likely need. Delve is Office 365's version of Pinterest, albeit one geared around professional and technical information rather than visual content.

  15. Sway
  16. Sway is a content production tool that allows users to design newsletters, presentations, and other communications. Users can easily add content from anywhere with its drop-in style of multimedia integration, and it is designed to dynamically adapt to the interface so that it looks good on any screen.

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