Best new year’s resolutions for a successful business in 2019

Best new year’s resolutions for a successful business in 2019

The new year is an opportunity to implement lasting and impactful changes to your business. It’s also the perfect time to reevaluate what processes work and what don’t, and to set realistic annual goals. If you want to take your business to the next level in 2019, consider the following new year’s resolutions.

Learn to delegate

Small business owners often start their establishments as a labor of love, so it’s understandable if you want to be involved in day-to-day operations as much as possible. But in 2019, you should refrain from micromanaging and trying to control everything. It’s a simple fact that one person cannot do all the tasks required to run a growing enterprise. You don’t have to exhaust yourself by taking all the responsibility. Instead of doing things by yourself, let other competent people take over. After all, employees are hired for a purpose. Let them do their jobs.

Let go of things that don’t help you prosper

At the beginning of the year, reassess your business strategy. What were the key elements to your success in 2018? Conversely, what things held you back? If your vendor has consistently failed to deliver, find a new one. If your marketing tactics aren’t allowing you to hit your targets, look for new approaches. Accept that not all things are perfect for your business and find novel solutions, instead of investing time, effort, and money on existing setups, hoping that they will work the nth time around.

Cultivate your personal interests

Whether it’s related to your business or not, make sure you learn a new skill or two this new year. Even a humble hobby like gardening can teach you patience, deepen your perspective in life, and help you gain insight when making business decisions. Should you pick a business-related interest, on the other hand, you might expand your professional network and learn invaluable tips from experts and fellow entrepreneurs. Do not stagnate this year, but aim for continuous growth. (How do you find the time to focus on yourself? You already know the answer: by delegating.)

Increase your digital presence

When was the last time you updated your website? When did you last post on Facebook? 2019 should be the year you make an effort to increase your online brand presence. While small businesses often cater to local markets they can reach through physical means, they will further benefit from digital channels to enhance their presence. According to social media management platform SproutSocial, customers are 57% more likely to be persuaded to try goods and services of business they follow online. You can also use messaging services on social media apps to get in touch with your clients and vice versa.

Upgrade your technology

Old hardware is slow and can diminish productivity; old software is unsupported and defenseless against cyberattacks. Sticking to both is a recipe for disaster. This year, invest in new technology to prevent unnecessary downtime, data loss, or data breaches. You may shell out money to get those upgrades, but the initial investment will still be cheaper than damages your business might suffer when you continue using outdated technology. It’s wise to partner with a trusted managed IT services provider (MSP) in your area who has experts that will ensure your hardware is in tip-top condition, your apps are updated, and your data are secured.

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