5 Ways you’re bound to lose because of your outdated technology

5 Ways you’re bound to lose because of your outdated technology

Business and technology go hand in hand. And as technology moves forward, your business must learn to match its step and incorporate technological innovations into your practice, or you will get left behind. You want your business to stay on top, and you can’t do that if your technology isn’t up to date. Still unsure whether you should keep or let go of your outdated technology? Here are five ways your old technology will hold you back.

1. Your security will get compromised.

Around 350,000 malware are released every day, and software updates fortify defenses against these threats. If you continue using out-of-date technology, you run the risk of being vulnerable to attacks that can paralyze your system and steal your data. To avoid such situations, always ensure that you’re using the most recent stable version of your apps and software, and that you have purchased and installed the most recent software patches available.

2. Productivity will stay down.

If you’re using computers from several years ago or systems that don’t allow real-time collaboration, your productivity is not at its peak. You can be more efficient with the help of the latest and more powerful technology. Apps in the cloud, for example, allow users to work simultaneously from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. Using these apps can remove bottlenecks in the workflow, while also making tasks like searching within documents and tracking document changes faster. Succinctly, using updated technology helps get more work done.

3. You will spend more on overhead costs.

It costs more to retain old technology than to upgrade it. Constant updating, maintenance, and repair all contribute to a chunk of expenditures that you can easily shave off when you take advantage of current technology solutions. With a trusted provider of managed IT services, you will just pay a fixed monthly amount for your IT needs. Your managed services provider (MSP) will make sure that you’re using the latest technology that fits to your industry. You can also rest assured that their team of IT experts will maintain and secure your data 24/7, so no need for you to spend on in-house staff training.

4. You may face compliance issues.

All businesses in the Houston area are required to comply with local, federal, and state laws. As technology becomes more integrated into your customers’ lives, laws will change to give them better consumer protection. When they do, you (and your outdated technology) should be prepared. One foolproof way to ensure law compliance is to improve your current setup and secure your clients’ confidential data by implementing the latest in software security.

5. Your competitor may get the upper hand.

Modern technology is amazing -- it makes work more efficient, collaborative, and cost-effective. New apps have also become tools to understand and solve business problems by analyzing big data patterns and presenting them in easy-to-understand visual charts. Knowledge is still power, and if your competitor is using these modern tools while you’re stuck with your obsolete hardware and software, then there’s a big chance that you are already left behind.

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